The MeasureOD® System is the Software solution for measuring the outside diameter of tubing and/or wire related products. This Software tool was developed and optimized to take advantage of the Keyence LS-9501P Controller paired with a Keyence P/N LS-9XXX Measurement Head.

This advanced version of the Software includes an advanced PI Feedback Controller software implementation. The product includes our RTA-550 hardware product that provides a dual 0-10V output signal to control your feeder/puller system.

MeasureOD® PI Controller Software User Interface

The MeasureOD® PI Software offers the following features:

  • Directly connects and automatically programs the Keyence LS-9501P controller for the required measurement function
  • Includes advanced PI Controller system and hardware that adjusts the extrusion line feeder system in order to obtain the proper product outside diameter
  • Exporting of the measurements to Microsoft Excel in a “Ready to Print Format”
  • Time Domain Graphical results of the measurements (Global and Local)
  • Real time Statistical Analysis of the Measurements (Global and Local)

The Software will operate in English and/or Metric Units